Crosstalk Features



Church creates profile


admin reviews the profile before it post


if approved, the profile is loaded into the app


users are able to start connecting people to your church


when a gospel conversation takes place users use the app to answer a few simple questions you filled out in your church profile


the algorithm finds churches in the desired area


they click on your church profile (maybe this is where we have the phone with all the icons around it)


they click on the connection card and all the information is sent to your email immediately


the new guest is sent a downloadable text message with your churches information


users and pastors can follow up with the guest anytime they want through the app


pastors can post pictures and videos anytime they want to their profiles


and you can post upcoming events happening at your church that guest might be interested in attending

We are not advocating “Church Shopping,” but rather wanting to show that every church has something it does extremely well, and this all begins with connecting people to the right church from the beginning.

Think about it, “Why do we often pass several, if not dozens of churches, on our way to our church worship service on the weekend?” Churches should be asking “Why are people willing to commute to church?”
This is what this app wants to highlight.
In most cases, long-distance commuters aren’t making the trek to your church because there aren’t any other churches around. They’re doing it because they connect with your DNA and what your church is about. They’re doing it because they have relational connections and feel like they belong.

You will not be very successful if you try to reach young families and single people over 65. They just aren’t the same, and often aren’t looking for the same things

One of the greatest decisions of your life will be centered upon what church you should join. This will be where you receive the teaching of God’s Word, grow in the knowledge of truth, are blessed through the ordinary means of grace, and where your entire family will engage in worship, discipleship and missions. This is no small decision.

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