Grow your church body, extend your reach, and allow technology to evangelize. All with CROSSTALK!


CROSSTALK is an app-based church locationing platform transforming the way churches reach their potential members. From the CrossTalk interface, users can easily find local church recommendations based on a range of factors. Those factors include musical style, church size, congregation demographics, preching style, language, and more!

Our Mission


No two people are the same and neither are two churches. We don't advocate church shopping and believe CROSSTALK can plant people where they feel most connected quickly.


We desire to inspire action by equipping individuals with the resources and the tools they need to change the World.


CROSSTALK wants to see every church thrive and extend it's reach. Facilitating that growth through technology is crucial in today's culture.

Struggling to Get Your Members to Invite Guests?

Without guests, your church will not grow.

LifeWay President and CEO Thom S. Rainer has published findings from research of 1,000 randomly selected Southern Baptist churches:

  • 61% of churches average fewer than 100 members, 2 out of 3 are declining
  • Once a church declines below 100 members, it is likely to die within a few years
  • Life expectancy of churches with below 100 members is 10 years or less
  • 65% of churches are stalled or are shrinking
  • 35% are growing but primarily through tranfer growth

Technology Matters


is the average time an American spends on their smartphone each day


of that time is spent using various apps

If church's want to reach people where they are, an app must be an integral part of their communication.